Saturday, September 22, 2012

Some pictures of the last 4 years.
Alice in her summer finery.


I heart watermelon.

Oui, Laduree.

Marche aux Puce de la Porte de Vanves


Wednesday, June 17, 2009


These are three banners I made over the last month. There are more, but they're huge so I have to find a bigger wall to hang them to take photos.

This is about as boyish as I ever do. I was imagining a cowboy party when I made it.

"Zoe Olivia" is on of our friends newborn. I made this for her shower gift. Its a little smaller than most, meant to hang on her bedroom wall.

A bit bigger than the previous two, this on is made out of vintage wallpaper and lace. The links are vintage pearls.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Sad Little Box

I was inspired to make this box - I don't have a special name for it - for my cousin when she had a tragedy befall her before Christmas.

I wanted to make something beautiful out of broken old bits and scraps mixed with a few precious pieces, nestled and forgotten in a box - to be taken out periodically like a somber-sweet memory.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

My First Auction...

Now that we have moved to Ontario, I'm loving that the bits and bobs hat I use have become more common and that there is more variety. I have been wanting to go to an estate sale since we got here in November, and now that spring has arrived, auctions are in full swing. Today it was out on a farm with ancient farm equipment and the contents of the house to be sold. There wasn't a whole lot there for me, but what little I did get is pretty exciting. Kevin and I patiently waited about two hours for the auctioneer to get over to the linens table where there was a carpet beg full of hand-tatted lace. A lady saw me looking at it and said she had been friends with the lady who had made it. It seemed to me that everybody was keeping their eye on it, but I think I was just being paranoid.

When it came to finally bid I was stuck behind a big guy and didn't quite know where the bids were coming from, I got all frantic then I realized kevin was bidding for me against this cagey little lady who had already made some pretty savvy purchases. Then, siddenly, the bidding stopped, I thought Kevin had given it up so I piped up with "30!" Luckily the auctioneer new that I mistakenly bid against my own party and just said - Sold to the gentleman for 27.50 - next time bring a different woman. I was too excited to be embarrassed. Here are some of the things I found in the bag when I got home-

I love the little pj's with the roses. I'll take some better pics after everythiing is laundered and pressed. Next auction on Tuesday!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Thank-You Linda!

I have finally been able to take pictures of some of the amazing things sent to me by Linda in Calgary. This is the second box of booty she has supplied me with and it's awesome! here are a few pictures of about half of what she sent me:

I was beside myself opening the box - it was all individually wrapped , some with notes about where they came from or what Linda had used them for. It just got better and better the deeper I dug - it was a whole filing box full! When I opened the Christmas balls I thought - No way - I have a collection in these colours and am constantly on the lookout for more. I figured it couldn't get much more exciting than that -I mean, do you see the pinky-gold mini clusters? Then I opened the box beneath to find the mercury glass bead picks. I had just bought my first three this Christmas and vowed to buy as many as I came across. There are about 45 of them here! It was like I made a pretty things wish list and it landed in my lap.

I wanted to use the pink and yellow balls to decorate at Easter, but I had pulled my studio apart to paint and there was no display space. I think I might have to invent a holiday in the summer so I can decorate for it.

Thank-you a million times, Linda!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Twinkly Fawn Menu Cards

It's been such a long time! I finally felt inspired to create something pretty when I was asked by my stepmom to make menu cards as a gift to her sister, Linda. I, just tonight, received feed-back about the cards and Linda was thrilled with them. It was easy to be creative knowing she would be the recipient because she's been supportive of my work in the past - this summer she supplied me with a dream-box of trims, papers, jewels, vintage shells and silk leaves!

Thanks for your positive feed-back, Linda, and I'm glad everything arrived in-tact!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

I'm a little late in posting it but this entry into the 'Scrapscene' Truely Trendy Contest garnered one of six honorable mentions. The competition was stiff and displayed were a remarkably diverse collection of projects. I'm honored to have received a nod from the pros!